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Do you know how to tell decorative paper's quality apart?

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Author : Tim Zhang
Update time : 2022-08-01 15:56:47

     ✔1. Check out the decorative paper texture's layering and authenticity. Excellent decorative paper is available with visible wood grain and reflects many colors on the same sheet, which can represent original physical wood grain qualities.
    ✔2. Verify if the decorative paper has consistent technical characteristics, such as smoothness and air permeability, which are imperative elements for post-production, including  smooth impregnation and lamination.
    ✔3. Light fastness test. In addition to laboratory method, here is a simpler method: Take  decorative panels of the same pattern from different suppliers, and cover half of each panel with black cloth. After 24 hours of sunlight, open the black cloth to see their color changes. Then the decorative paper on the panel with smallest color change is the best.
    ✔4. Judge the color difference. Cut the same parts of a pattern from different batches. Then laminate them on the same kind of base panels to compare the color difference with the former batch. Smaller color difference signifies greater decorative paper.
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